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august 13, 2019

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change only takes a decision...

I am a fan of hardwood floors.

(When you have a hairy beast of a dog who chases magpies and squirrels up trees, bringing in muddy paws and chunks of the backyard on his tail... carpets are a nightmare.)

Back when I lived in Indiana, we always had at least two great pyrenees living with us in the house. (At one point, we had three plus a newfoundland and a cat...) Cleaning the house was a serious full time job that required both of us to divide and conquer.

After some time, we were finally able to replace all the carpet on the first floor with wood and tile. But, there was always a question about the carpet on the stairs and throughout the rooms on the second floor…

The house was built in the 1950's - we didn't know if the floors underneath were solid wood, and if they were, what sort of condition they'd be in. 

For years, I suggested we go for it. Take a chance, tear up the carpet and see what was under there… But we never did. My ex always had really good reasons why we shouldn’t, and so I waited for agreement on the topic.

It never came.

After we divorced, one of the first things I did was attack that carpet during summer vacation. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was determined. With a hammer, a putty knife, and a flathead screwdriver, I tore up all of the carpet in 2 days… all by myself.

The floors underneath were solid oak. And with the exception of one minor water stain in one of the bedrooms, they were in fantastic condition. All I had to do was clean them with wood oil.

Those beautiful floors had been there the whole time... all those years... I couldn't believe I'd waited so long... 

always in motion,


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