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may 11, 2019

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choosing your life... 

The easy trap to fall into is that you have to know everything before you can be certain. Which seems to be the case with decisions that you think are big...

But awhile back I had a talk with a friend who told me his new way of making decisions. I think to myself What will I think about this once I'm dead? Then he laughed & said My answer always comes back probably not a whole lot. Because I'm dead.

His point (in case, you can't get past the macabre part of it) is that there are no big decisions unless we make them so. It can be a big decision on whether to buy a house. Or to change your job. But it can just as big to decide between Swedish fish & the sea salt & almond chocolate while you're in the checkout line.

We'd say it comes down to the question we regularly ask around here: Who do we want to be? Once we know that, other decisions are just that: decisions. Yes. No. This. That. No real weight on any of them. Life becomes a moving experience again, instead of agonizing moments of wondering if we're doing it right.

Unless it's about Swedish fish. For some reason, that's always a tough one for us...:-)

with love, brian

P.S. This is another one of those stories found in the book Impossible to KnowThe book, incidentally, that Fia keeps putting on sale when I'm not looking. HA. Click here to get it before I have a chance to put it back to a more reasonable price... 

Thoughts for this week...

We've been having quite a few conversations lately about pronouns in our stories. (If you haven't heard yet, we're able to do any pronoun you'd like across the entire spectrum of possibilities for most stories.) Fia writes a bit about her changing understanding of gender in this week's writing: the quandary of pronouns in an evolving world.

Drop in & read it when you get a chance...)


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