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may 12, 2019

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how it begins... 

When I saw this story, I asked Brian: "Did your mom sing to you?" and he said, "Absolutely, every day" and then his eyes got sparkly and he sang "The Sun is Rising Out of Bed." and I said, "Every day?" and he said, "Every day.

I thought... oh... I don't remember anything like that growing up

...but then I thought of rice krispies and caramel corn and so many other treats my mom baked for slumber parties, all those girl scout cookies we sold, the soccer and volleyball games, the cross country meets, making sure complicated band uniforms were ironed and cleaned for parades, french braiding my hair, and sending flowers for opening nights. (She never missed one. Never.)

...all the episodes of "I Love Lucy" and "The Carol Burnett Show" we watched, tears streaming down our cheeks from laughter. I thought of our three generation mother-daughter vacations we would take with my grandmother, to Door County, Wisconsin... and a time when we were laughing so hard my grandmother peed her pants and we were kicked off the miniature golf course because we were slowing the play... many memories came flooding in, and I realized that what I heard in my mother's heartbeat was laughter. 

My world began with laughter. 

Dancing and singing? I learned from other women along the way. My village of women

Whatever your memories are, whomever they are with, however far or near you are to the women (and men) who have mothered you when you needed it most, we hope you take a moment in the day to feel your own heartbeat and know that you are part of a new world. Because of those who love you. 

always in motion,

P.S. This is an adaptation of a story found only in the book Cuba:This Moment Exactly So Another beautiful book that Fia put on sale. (There are only two left.) Click here to get one of the last copies, signed by both Lorne (the photographer) & me... with love, brian

Thoughts for this week...

We've been having quite a few conversations lately about pronouns in our stories. (If you haven't heard yet, we're able to do any pronoun you'd like across the entire spectrum of possibilities for most stories.) Fia writes a bit about her changing understanding of gender in this week's writing: the quandary of pronouns in an evolving world.

Drop in & read it when you get a chance...)

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