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may 15, 2019

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unfolding gracefully... 

One of my earliest memories is a dance class. I have no idea how old I was, only that I was young and squeezed into an ill-suited pink leotard. The class was working on cartwheels and I could. not. do. them. at. all. Apparently at the end of her rope, the teacher blurted out something along the lines of "You are not a dancer and do not belong here. You should leave. You are slowing the entire class down." 

Of course I left and my parents let me drop the class. And for longer than I care to admit, I identified as a klutz and would pale whenever I was cast in a role that required dancing. 

Years of that can hone a person. 

Thankfully, I chose fierce and fantastic guides along the way that taught: the difference between taking a note and taking things personally; critique is not the same as criticism;  and when you question the note or the voice that offers it, consider it anyway because all information is useful. It's what you do with that information that shapes you. 

But it wasn't until my late 30's that I finally said enough, decided I am graceful, and started dancing. In the kitchen. In the car. And whenever I felt the urge to move... 

This story of Brian's brings to mind the phrase, "bent out of shape". Amazing how metaphors can be so apt.

The one thing I wonder about is the time it takes to unfold. Perhaps it's less about changing into a new shape, and more about deciding to being your full size. Today. Just as you are. 

always in motion,

P.S. This is only available in a print, in all genders. Though I can tell you, having seen some of the pages Brian's working on, that there's a VERY good chance it'll be in the new book. Click here though, if you can't wait that long...

Thoughts for this week...

As we've been working in the studio, we've been having an ongoing conversation on the idea of talismans, objects that remind us of purpose & who we'd like to be in this life.

This week's writing by Fia is on some of the talismans she carries along with her. We hope it'll give you a sense of the talismans you already have in your life. Drop in & read romantic notions when you get a chance...

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