23,040 chances to connect

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Every time we breathe, our balance changes.
— Cathy Madden

A client recently asked me:  “Don’t you think there are just good days and bad days?”

and I replied:  “No, I don’t. Just as there are no good audiences and no bad audiences. No good people, no bad people. There are moments in a day that may appear more challenging because they are unexpected or unfamiliar or in a different direction than I think something is supposed to go. And this new information may excite me or it may trigger fear, but really, it’s just life asking something more or different than what I’m accustomed to. It’s an opportunity. To change, to expand, to consider something in a new way. 

As Cathy says, each time we inhale and exhale, the physical body realigns. This an opportunity to recalibrate, to reboot, to renew with each breath. 

It's widely known a healthy adult averages 16 breaths per minute. That's 23,040 opportunities per day and 8,409,600 opportunities per year...

So no, I don't think an entire day may be categorized in a binary, banal way. There are 16 chances to align every minute!

All human energy is breath… it’s the first act you perform and it is the last. Every inhalation takes in energy from the world and attaches you to it. On exhalation, you send what is inside you out into the world, and in so doing you touch and change the world with your breath.
— Patsy Rodenburg

I love this. So not only does my body give me a chance to center myself, just through the simple act of breathing, something I don't even need to put on my to-do list, but it also allows me to be permeable to life happening around me. I can neither block out nor deny I have an affect on the world.

It's a perfect symbiotic exchange.  

And it means that with each inhale, I get to choose how I respond to whatever comes up during the day. 

always in motion,

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