always a dance...

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What if every gesture we make,
each silence
every word we speak,
and thought we feed,
creates culture.

And collectively, alongside one another, these gestures & silences, words & thoughts create the culture of our relationships, our towns & cities, our country, as each sits in relation to the world…

I can name at least 27 small choices I made this morning, just before walking Yoshi… and then another 35 when we returned, bringing me to this moment & time of writing, here with my cup of coffee.

In these seemingly simple rituals & meanderings, I see how already my day is slightly towards and away from the life I want to live.

Steps. Small & large. (Easy to discount or justify for innumerable reasons.) Each step I take creates the path I walk. 

Decisions made in context to all the information continually streaming in through my 5+ senses… a combination of what I have control over & what comes into my space of living without conscious permission.

Always though, I can choose how I respond… how a gesture, silence, a word or thought adds to or turns the thing that comes in to my immediate world & asks for acknowledgement.

It is always a shared space of living… a dance. 

always in motion,



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