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The highest goal that [wo]man can achieve is amazement ~ Goethe

I’ve been thinking about this lately. Less about the definition of amazing, and more about what it takes to be amazed. What is required?

I think it has something to do with being available.

Try swapping out the word vulnerability for availability. To me, this is the difference between having no choice and having many choices. I don’t know anyone who wishes to be vulnerable. Whereas, every person I know wishes to be available - to be moved, to experience something in a way that has significance.

I wonder if the ability to be amazed is in direct relation to the degree to which you are available in a whole-self way. (By this I mean the degree to which you are present versus distracted, if you notice intricate details through all of your senses, if you are tightening in your mind or your body.)

Amazement implies a curiosity. willingness. humility. inquiry. 

There is a lot we take for granted, every day. If we took just a moment to consider each object as we handled it, how a sidewalk or road we’re using came to be, the length of time it’s taken for a particular tree to grow, how complex another’s life must be… I wonder what could happen. I wonder what might change if we spent more time being amazed rather than being disappointed and afraid.

As Kai and I were out for a walk in our neighborhood this evening, we saw this etched into the cement 

the future depends on what we do in the present ~ Ghandi

Amazement is not passive. It has the power to propel us to take action. To get in motion. It’s a way towards more kindness, inclusivity and equality.

What if we all allowed time in every day to be amazed… it can't be an idea. It has to be a practice. 

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