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choose your story, choose your life

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We're in the process of securing spaces and arranging the details of fall and spring workshops.  We've received a lot of inquiries and interest - we appreciate your patience as we coordinate all the details. 

Teaching is not something we take lightly, and we wanted to be sure we invite you from a space of clarity and calm. In this quiet practice of listening and writing, we keep coming back to one thing: stories

Not just the ones we create as artists or the ones we tell as part of our jobs, but stories we've come to believe through inheritance, repetition, or personal experience. Stories that are our justification, our guiding lights, our warning signs, our identity.

These are the stories that cultivate and distort relationships. They record and erase history. They create distance and invite shared meaning. 

Stories matter. 

“Not going to the heart of all I feel, I have erased my real presence, sexuality, intelligence from language and expression" ~ Susan Griffin

There is a tendency to fragment our selves into pieces and parts... head, body, heart, spirit, emotions, creativity... as if you might isolate this or that in order to create a desired effect or develop a particular skill. But this is not how humans are designed to function. 

Technically, you are never out of your body, you are never in your head, you never lose your voice... These meaningful metaphors, when taken literally, result in ineptitude and disempowerment. Your body hears what your mind believes and takes it as truth. If you approach change in this way, somewhere in your body you will tighten because your whole self recognizes the lie. (Tightening affects the quality of anything you do, because every part of you is interconnected and interdependent.)

The way you talk to your self, matters. The way we talk to one another matters. 

And so, we've crafted 3 different workshops, all around story: ways to refine, reframe, and rewrite them so there is more flexibility, joy, and conscious kindness*. 

Take a look, see if anything pops out to you, and let us know if you have any questions. As soon as we have all the details set, we'll let you know. In the meanwhile, Brian's writing his new book, I'm working with folks via coaching, and if you're near Bozeman, we'd be happy to talk about possibilities here in town... 

always in motion, 


*Conscious kindness is a term that my mentor, Cathy Madden, uses in reference to positive ways we can celebrate where we are, even as we desire toward the next steps on our path

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  • Thank you for the term “conscious kindness,” and the definition as well. I love it!

    Dotta Hassman on
  • Thank you for this beautiful post. I have been turning towards my ancestors/history lately and have been amazed at how they have colored my stories and how attached I have been to them. Will explore the tightening you mention next.

    Laura Lucas on
  • This is a lively post, and oh so true. Don’t we just hold tight onto our stories for dear life? Even when we know they’ll bring us grief (again, sigh)…thanks for inspiring us to revise our stories!

    Jean Breheney on

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