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There is a heartbeat to every place. A rhythm created by who is there, what happens, and how. The land is part of this composition, so is sound, color, shape, and architecture. Every living being and material thing. All influenced by all…

I think this is why some places feel more comfortable than others, more recognizable, or more stressful. The external rhythm plays on our innate rhythm, and we feel compelled to adapt. As a result, we can feel rushed and overwhelmed, or stalled, as if an entire town is moving through molasses. 

The other day I had a random and revealing conversation with a freight delivery guy. We knew one another by name, exchanging niceties on past deliveries, but on this day, we decided to check in with one another, human to human.

Turns out he was an international Frisbee golf player. After living out of his car for a period of time, he finally secured a sponsor. He travelled the world and around the country for many years, until he had an accident that required knee surgery. And that was it. His career ended, and he needed to find a job. He chose Montana, because it was quieter than the busy Pennsylvania town he grew up in, and decided to drive trucks.

On our little cement driveway pad, we must have talked for nearly an hour, sharing stories, PT information, admissions of what happens when your identity changes without your choosing, and how a forced change in tempo alters your awareness.

We both admitted how patient we are now when we’re driving and someone crosses the street. We get it. It’s harder for some than others, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it if your body needs you to slow down and take life one step at a time. 

Our injuries have opened us up to empathy and helped us find our natural pace... 

As the leaves continue to fall here, crunching underfoot, I notice that my inner metronome has changed since my days of living in NYC... I used to pride myself as a fast walker, able to zoom my little self through crowds of people with ease... now, I am quieter, slower in tempo, more graceful in form. I focus less on where I'm going and more on where I am... each day, finding my pace. 

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