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international women's day

international women's day

Below is an excerpt of a letter sent to one of the women who makes my world bigger…

It's international women's day... 

Here at my butcher-block-turned-desk in Cape Elizabeth, the world is white and grey. The winds howl and tree boughs arc, burdened by masses of snow. 

A fierce and wild beauty. 

I cannot help but wonder if all this weather is in response to man's unkindness. An indelicate reminder we are not the highest intelligence and have much to learn. These trees will outlive us, and the rocks that chatter from the ebb and flow of tides will last generations before they dissolve into sand. 

It seems a perfect response to a day that celebrates generations of raw, unfettered voices willing to speak and act towards a world that doesn't yet exist... but could...

My eyes tear when I think of you . Of your voice in my life. In your willingness to fully be your self, you example a way of being in the world that is an invitation. A call to action. 

There is no word for all you are to me. 

And I'm deeply grateful to be a woman. That we have these complicated bodies and voices that break and croak and sing. That we freckle and age, change shape and color with time and experience. These are signs of a life that is in motion.

Your generation of teachers, of women, are pathfinders. You took the world you inherited and changed the rules for all of us with fierce grace and an unwillingness to be silent when it mattered most.

Thank you...


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