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soft focus...

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There are days I miss things from my past.

It’s not regret. Or scarcity-based thinking. It’s a deep understanding of what was, in light of what is. I suppose it’s a hint, a clue to what is next. Not a craning of the neck as I look behind me, but a soft focus to see wider in this moment of now.

Something to notice. To listen to. 

The thing I missed today, is the whole-body feel of speaking all the sounds in every word, as if each one is deliberate, chosen. An offering into the space between us so that together we might move forward or turn in a new direction... Words spoken (or left unspoken) irrevocably alter relationships. We cannot unsay or unhear anything. Though logic may be communicated, there is a difference when the same words spoken are in a voice that is free versus one labored with tension.

On stage, attention to detail, clarity, commitment and conviction are required in order to be heard. In life, these same skills can come across in every day conversation as formal, elite, or affected. And so there may be a tendency to pull back or mumble, even when it matters most. It’s not about volume. It’s about intent.

I remember seeing James Earl Jones on Broadway. We’d secured tickets only 3 rows back, and I could see every shift of thought, hear every note in his rhythmic cadence. His booming resonant voice vibrated my bones… I don’t remember the play so much, just his presence and how safe I felt when he spoke.

One of the things I love about life is that it is so much larger than my two eyes can see… At just about the time I was missing this work, missing the joy of speaking not just logically, but sensually, two women have come in to my studio to work… on their voices…

It’s quite the most perfect thing. To get to dive deeper into work that feels natural and necessary… with a point of view that is larger, wider than when I last approached it.

To see the hiatus as a gift of perspective. 

 always in motion,


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  • Oh, Fia! Yes, the VOICE! Years ago I taught some volunteer women to take films on teenage pregnancy to schools and to speak with teens and how to use their voices to engage without judgement. Today I have an occasion to speak to a group on other things, yet to engage without judgement – to leave the door open for the wonder of new ideas…

    Bobbie Guillory on
  • Soft focus, that’s a perfect explanation to being in between two days of testing, PET/CT scan checking for lung cancer, and in two days, Mammogram, Ultrasound, and biopsy looking for the return of breast cancer. When I have stressful things going on, I find I can’t eliminate the thinking process, but I can capsulize my thoughts into amounts of time, sometimes giving into ten-minutes (I actually set the timer) the anxiety surrounding the thoughts of, “OMG, not all that again!” But, to me, “soft focus” means that it’s all going on, I can push it down far enough so it’s not in the back of my throat, but just manage those thoughts floating around, close enough if I need to bring them into my head. I know I will be okay now that I can keep things in “soft focus.” Thank you for a positive way to manage the next few days! Kate

    Kate Safford on
  • Soft focus! This could be my answer to everything. Release efforting to make way for emergence. Being with a wider view of now moments changes the sharp focus of my intensity. Thank you! 💖

    Lara Mealor on
  • This is just right for today.. Saturday morning my mother-in-law died. We had a 40 year relationship and in many ways she was a real mom to me.. to soften the image (she could be harsh) and just float through the fluffy past is very soothing. In times of pain or dispair or emotional darkness we must soften and gently remember rather than rehash and criticize and regret… Ann

    Ann Girard on

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