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...the way we connect, the way we turn the world from a formless space that stretches in all directions into a space that holds friends, family, community, quiet moments that are the true connections between us & the world.

Stories are my way of discovering the fabric of my life, the way memory & experience weave together. The stories actually help me see things clearly. They’ve taught me as I’ve gone on to listen more carefully to the stillness inside & for me, the stillness is the place from which everything rises. I’ve found that when I find the truth of that it resonates with other people. My stories are frameworks that allow you to unfold your own story. When they work best, you are not loving the story – you’re loving the parts of you the story calls you to remember...

More of us loving something & making it better means more people will join us. It’s pretty simple & it’s already changing the world.

I have known for quite a long time (perhaps my whole life) that lightness & creativity are intimately related. That inspiration is like breathing & that play, full out play, laughing wildly in the morning sunlight, is at the heart of all of our best ideas.

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