the grit in integrity

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“real knowledge arises through confrontation with real things”  Matt Crawford

As I sand and shape the wood for the sculptures here in the studio, using the last few pieces Brian brought from Iowa, I marvel at the difference between species: butternut, fir, some random pine. And we just picked up some cherry, black walnut, elm, and corral board... 

There is something about working with my hands, partnering with tools I can only understand from use, discovering how each piece of wood is unique, as if it’s a conversation rather than a vision superimposed. Even Brian, whose been doing this for over 25 years, joys in the newness of partnering with each piece. His imagination sparked, as graphite, acrylic and metal leaf meet wood to create something that never existed before…

“Any job that can be scaled up, depersonalized, and made to answer to forces remote from the scene of work is vulnerable to degradation.”  Matt Crawford

We’re lean at the moment (i.e. the entirety of Flying Edna is Brian, me, and Yoshi - who is less productive than he is amusing, though Brian might swap out that word for pesky, especially when it’s around dinnertime). What’s really great about this is that it allows us to get close in to the what, why, and how of everything we do. Every. Thing.

There is no distance between us and what we put out into the world.

No distance between the ideas, the decisions, the making, the sending out. How we live and who we are go directly into what we create.

“you have to be constantly attentive to the possibility that you may be mistaken. This is an ethical virtue.” Matt Crawford

Failure is an every day occurrence around here – which is wildly useful because there is always a clear next step. It doesn’t make it any less frustrating, but we’ve come to see it as a practice in attentiveness and individual agency. This influences what and how we create each piece in the studio, and the way we present it to you. 

Our storyplates and notebooks deliberately use the words choose your story as we invite you to the concept of acknowledging that, over time your story will change. Some stories we hang onto for a very long time and others we let go, even if they once held a significant place in our lives. We are built to locomote and the world is in constant motion. We love the idea of our work reflecting this natural process. 

We invite you to a more active relationship not only with us, but as you consider the gifts you give to others and to yourself.

If along the way, you have thoughts or suggestions, just let us know. We welcome the conversation. 

always in motion,


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