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the intelligence of daffodils: an update on workshops

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When Brian stamped his adaptation of Macbeth's famous line and left it on my desk, I laughed out loud. However, I think it's more like flower bulbs than procrastination. Nothing seems to happen for a very long time and then... BLOOM! there the flowers are. Right where they are supposed to be. Always incrementally growing, nearly invisible to the naked eye. 

nobody told the flowers to come up nobody will ask them to leave when spring is gone ~ Ikkyū

I'm fairly certain daffodils are not lead by expectations or deadlines. Their gentle defiance ignores made-up dates on a calendar as each bulb waits until conditions are perfect enough to break the soil and move towards the sun. 

To know me and Brian is to know we think deeply about... well, everything. The workshops are no exception as we consider them in light of what we refer to as our ecosystem (which is the everything to do with what it means to be us in our life, including taking into account what everyone else and the planet is up to). This is to say that conditions in our ecosystem are not quite perfect enough for workshops.


I stumbled across an article in the NY Times: How to Create a Serene Home, which then lead me to an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Kendo... after each, I said... ah... yes. 

It's not procrastination. It's too many bulbs planted in too small a space. Maybe what is required is spring cleaning through all the weedy thoughts, ideas and dreams that have multiplied over the years - combing through each methodically to discern the necessity. Individually first. Then collectively, as partners. What to pursue, and what we can let go of. Energy is infinite, a lifetime is not. 

We talk a lot around here about choosing because it's the thing we're working on most... how to do this with introspection and grace. 

I see a version of this with Yoshi all the time. He has a canvas bag overflowing with toys. He will grab one to play with while we choose another to throw. With the one toy still firmly gripped in his mouth, he will run after the second - visibly warring with himself over which to choose. Frantically moving back and forth between them as if this is the most important decision he'll ever make in his life. And if we really want to complicate things, we'll bring a third toy into the mix. (His ideal is to secure every toy that ever existed in his piggy mouth, prance away, and then lay overtop all of them, as if to shut down the decision process once and for all.) 

There is not a lot of grace in this particular way of going about things, but Yoshi does offer us a charming glimpse of what it looks like when we struggle to let go. And, like him, there are days when we just plop down on all the ideas, hoard the stuff, and refuse to make any decision about anything. 

We can blame those days on what we read in the news, but in truth, there is a lot of stuff in our shared space right now... piles of art, boxes of old ideas, Brian's preparation for an appeal, questions about where and how to (re)make a life in a country rife with contradictions... I am not convinced anyone or anything is what it seems these days. 

What we know as goodness is not a static quality but arrives through a series of choices, some imperceptible, which are continually presented to us. ~ Susan Griffin

What we give our energy to is who we are. How we do this continually refines our character.  

And this is why we are checking our selves and our space - to be sure what we put out into the world has integrity and clean energy. That what we do has deep purpose and invites inspiration towards a life you love. 

All this is to say, I've not announced workshops because we are doing some deep spring cleaning. 

We invite you to check out the studio for all our recent experiments and projects, and the very many things we will be letting go over the next few months. It's a wild space - you never know what you'll find...

In the meanwhile, thank you for your patience and all the ways you invite us to be a part of your day. 

always in motion, 


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  • Your writing sings to me, in ways I never realized my soul needed it. Thank you.

    Jenn on
  • Your message today speaks to me in a very personal way…we are i our late 70’s and are in the process of de-cluttering..I have been going through letters and collections of several generations…through this process, I have re-lived many happy times and heard the voices of those I loved in their letters to me and other family members. So, I have organized, thrown away, and given our treasures to others, but I have walked through my life again and enjoyed those special times even more a second time.

    Mary McGovern on
  • Thank you. Totally resonates with me as I am trying to let go of newly discovered chains and ideas that have been limiting me for a very long time.

    Carla on
  • “What we give our energy to is who we are. How we do this continually refines our character.”
    Beautiful words full of truth. It is too easy, amid all the noise and hustle, to forget that we are responsible for choosing where our energy goes and as long as we are here, that’s a choice we will constantly be making. Thanks for the reminder.

    Denise on
  • Thank you so much for sharing this. Your blog has become one of my favorite places to go and is extremely helpful as I deal with similar issues including what “home” is for me.

    Laura on

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