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one thing becomes another...

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A drop on your nose.
The next on your toe.

The wind picks up, branches sway, a neighbor’s chime sounds…
One thing becomes another. You see the shift, feel it on your skin, smell it in the air, know it some place deep within…
As Brian worked away in the studio, Yoshi and I lay on the deck in a quiet moment of listening.  
And then the rain came down.
I read something that moved me. Gabrielle Hamilton, the recipient of multiple James Beard awards and owner of the East Village restaurant Prune wrote an essay chronicling her experience through this uncharted time. 

I’ve followed her career from afar, appreciating her candor, intelligence, and voice in the field. She sees the entire landscape, including her fears, and keeps them in perspective. What strikes me is not just her willingness to ask difficult questions, but her ability to listen larger than herself for the answers. 

She articulates how has food industry continually shifted during her 20 years of owning and running the restaurant… one thing affects another, nothing moves in isolation. Her question now is less about rebuilding the restaurant –  more about how her desires and experience meet with what the community will need as the entire city moves through the coming months… and years…

What I read in her words is an ability to look reality squarely in the eye and consider the larger system she is a part of… She faces it all. Head on.

It’s not an easy intelligence, it's born of sweat and heart.

We are all changed by this shared global experience... united in humanity. Hamilton reminds me that now and in the future, we are the voices that will reshape our communities and redefine our culture. 

There is a connectedness we all sense but cannot always name – perhaps some elemental, rough beautiful nerve has been touched so that we might all return to our dreams, listen wider, and remember what matters most...

one thing to become another... 

always in motion,


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