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getting ready...

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The last week of December… that time of year when I almost induce whiplash as I alternately look back on the year and then forward to the next… considering what was or was not said, decided, or done so I may plot, plan, and hope for what might be, who I might be, what I might do in the days to come.

Introspection. Soul-searching. Meditation. Clearing the deck so I can take responsibility when I should, and extend grace when I shouldn’t.

The calendar is historically a man-made ending and beginning. A guidepost. Telling us where we are in the journey. No more, no less. But it’s a marker we all agree upon, all over the world, and there is something lovely about the concept of global agreement. On something. 

There was a lot this year… for all of us it seems… and if I consider the entirety of the 2000s, all that occurred… there’s just too many life events to list… births, deaths, marriages, divorces, surgeries, name changes, career changes, relationships begun and ended, moves across the country, ebbs and flows of friendships… so many pre-existing conditions to enter into the next decade with…

Beginning a new year is like that moment when you’ve gone someplace new, where no one knows you, and when it’s your turn around the circle to introduce yourself, you have 15 seconds to say who you are, where you’re from, and why you’re there… the words you choose in this moment can be anything… Your heart rate increases, and you begin rehearsing as soon as it’s announced you’ll have to encapsulate your life's resume into a haiku... feverish with the possibilities.

Beginning a new decade is even more intense, laden with responsibility, relief juxtaposed with fear of the scarcity of time. Successes sit side-by-side next to failures. Life lumped into wide swaths, encouraging gross generalizations.

But… It’s all one. No matter how much we pick and piece it apart. No matter how we contrive to make the years we live divisible by 10.

It’s one life. Every moment of it useful. Even the dark and frustrating and angry and fear-filled parts. 

As I consider all you’ve shared about your lives, and all I’ve written about mine – the thing that rises to the top, the sweetest cream, is that we’re all… ready.

We’ve all had enough of lies, of old rules meant to benefit only some, of inequality and meanness. We’re through with holding in our stomachs, backing off our voices, and silencing our intuition. We’re unwilling to carry shame, refusing to condone any violence to another’s spirit, including our own. Exhausted by indecision and fear, we are ready to be our full size, to laugh more, to celebrate the sacred, and to embrace joy.

We are ready for higher standards. For ourselves, and for one another.

No matter what you have walked through, around, or into this year or this decade… it’s worth looking at with discerning eyes.... with kindness... with heart and humor.

So your feet are pointed in a direction that is towards... 

always in motion,


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  • Thank You Fia for your beautiful words, love, and kindness. Your words bring peace and joy to my heart. Thank You for sharing them with me! Love, Stefanie ❤️

    Stefanie on
  • I just love your writing. I like the way you take where you are at the moment and flesh it out for all to see. Thank you for your gift.
    I am going to say Yes to what is in me and before me. i will accept the contrast but not label it as I more towards the life I want and create.

    robert miser on
  • Yes! “Take responsibility when I should and extend grace when I shouldn’t.” May I have that on a sugar cube, please? Happy New Year.

    Cheryl Widen on
  • We are heading into 2020…a year of vision? See the past with the clarity of forgiveness, pride and celebration. Gaze at the future with hope…..use binaculars or readers or a magnifying glass…whatever it takes to see it all…20/20

    Ann Girard on
  • Your paragraph that begins with “ We’ve all had enough of lies…
    This resonated with me. This year this new beginning I don’t believe I’m going to make those promises and plans. Never works out for me. It’s a little frightening to just be Linda. To see what comes down the pike and how will I handle it. My hope with grace, or silliness or righteous anger ( need work on righteous anger) the world turns, but think I’ll slow walk 2020, and eat just one more piece of chocolate. What the hell more than one piece.
    Happy New Year.

    Linda Sirmons on

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