light work (ink) print

light work (ink) print

$35.00 USD $40.00 USD

Brian posted this story on Instagram in the latter part of 2018 & enough of you asked for it, that he made it into a print. It uses one of his most beautiful #WomenRising images (if you follow along, you'll notice that we also used it for the 2018 holiday notecard Imagine Peace)

It's a good story for all the caregivers & light workers in your life, recognizing the care & time & love they put into the world that makes all the difference, even if it's not always splashy & recognizable at first glance...

It may look like nothing's happening here, other than everyone who comes near her feels like some of the weight they've carried their whole lives suddenly lifts enough for them to wonder if maybe they've carried that long enough.

• 11x14 print of the original watercolor, ink & graphite & hand-lettered text
• museum quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper
• Includes low VOC foamcore backing board, protected in a poly sleeve
• titled, signed & dated