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magnetic frame
magnetic frame

magnetic frame

After digging in to all sorts of alternate framing options, we've decided to try Wellmade's solid oak 'stiicks' magnetic frames.

Even though there are lots of companies that do a version of these magnetic frames, we chose Wellmade because they are higher quality workmanship, they use FSC certified materials, and source the hardwoods from a family tree service in Detroit (fallen trees due to storms, construction, and insurance liability). 

The 9" (23cm) is perfect for the 8x10 prints, and will also hold the 11x14, if you like the look of exposed corners on all 4 sides (our prints show the look with an 8x10 frame)

The 12" (30.5cm) is perfect for the 11x14 prints for both horizontal and vertical prints (as shows in these photos)

You have two ways you can hang these frames - with the string, as shown here, or directly into the wall (screws and string are included). If you'd like to take a look at how the magnetic frame works - click here to watch the video