classic flat card pack #2

classic flat card pack #2

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Designed to fit into our repurposed wood card holders, here are 6 classic stories in three different ways:

refill pack: one each of six different flat cards + one envelope to hold them all

6 pack: one each of six different flat cards + 6 envelopes 

stories include: 
walk together: may the life you have shine so clearly that you see all of the others who walk beside you. & know in a way you never forget that this life is always something we walk together.
choose joy: You get a whole world when you choose joy & you only get pieces when you don't & none of that will make a bit of sense until that moment you choose joy.
#22: There is no right way to do life. There's only stuff that works & stuff that doesn't. (& you're the one who gets to decide.)
two things: Two things I know: No 1.: If you have a choice, pick a big adventure because Life will give you exactly that & exactly the people who're big enough to love the world right along with you. & No. 2: You always have a choice.
far better: You are far better at this than you let yourself remember.
perfection of days: An incantation for a perfection of days: Oh, that I see clearly the Life in & around me & remember this is the first & last time for each moment of it.

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