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perspective originals mystery grab bag al

perspective originals mystery grab bag al

You all had so much fun with our original mystery grab bags of watercolors & drawings from Kai's files that we decided to release some of the original bird & brush perspectives into the mix. Each one of these small-scale paintings is the original that we scanned & use as the production guidelines for the bird & brush storyblocks (which you can see here...).

This piece is 2 7/8" h x 6" w x 1 1/2" d hand painted by Kai on a very old piece of chestnut originally from the Northeast. Our source could not give us more information than this... There are 6 layers of paint.

(& yes, even on the original paintings, one of us adds a secret hand written wish for you. There's just something about sending those wishes out into the world that makes the work magical...). 

Along with the piece you see here, your mystery gift bag will have at least a couple of other original drawings or watercolors. Our own working rule of thumb for deciding what goes in the grab bag is: 

  1. it has to be worth at least twice as much as what you're paying. Since you're taking it sight unseen. So, for example, a $275 bag, like this one, has pieces that will total at least $550.

  2. it has to be totally fun. Or we're not sending it. Because it's really the only reason we're doing it...

We also add in a 'songs of starlight' book for you as part of it. Because if you don't have it yet, you should. If you do have it, it's always good to have an extra on hand for when you need a quick gift for people you love. HA. 

(One final note: oh yeah. Shipping is included...;-))