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women originals grab bag: #18

women originals grab bag: #18

OK, there are always a few questions we have when we release originals like this. So, we decided it'd make it easier if we answered those right at the beginning. Click here to see if this answers some of the questions you have...

This grab bag includes the original watercolor/graphite by Kai in 2018. While we love the quality of the saturated inks in our digital prints, the originals still have a quality that's hard to describe. The layers of color, the subtle line work & the unexpected ways the paper absorbs the water & ink...

In addition to this piece pictured, we've gone through all of his drawings & watercolors from the past 25 years. So, you'll not only receive this piece pictured, but also 2-3 additional originals at various sizes. (Just know that we're not sending it if we don't think it's totally fun. Because it's the only reason we're doing it...)

And, because it's the holidays - this gab bag will include a 2021 calendar that you can keep or gift... 


  • fits any standard 11x14 frame
  • hand painted on 100% cotton, acid-free paper
  • includes pH neutral backing board made from 100% recycled material & comes protected in a plant-based compostable bag

      Art by Kai Skye (pen name Brian Andreas) in 2018. Read More


        Art by Kai Skye (pen name Brian Andreas) in 2018. Read More