bird & brush storyblocks

The very first bird & brush was created on a slab of maple that found its way here to Montana in the form of a long plank - once a floorboard in an old barn somewhere in the Northeast. We planed it, sanded it & painted just the one side, leaving the sides & back to tell a bit of the story of the once-living-maple. 

These are synecdoches in a way... pieces of a larger whole.  Our way of honoring the beauty that surrounds us - always remembering we are only one small part of this wild universe...

Each storyblock is crafted here in our studio with our bird & brush technique (4-8 layers of paint & graphite, including a hand written secret wish). The photos are of the original piece painted by Kai &/or Fia on various slabs of reclaimed hardwood.

We use these originals as guides to create every storyblock to order. Each piece of wood has its own unique biology & history - & we paint by hand so they're always a little bit different than what is pictured. 

Bird & brush storyblocks are created to order and ship from the studio 2-7 days after ordering.