classic sculptures: aunt ann

This is a piece that could only be from my mother's collection. It's one of the very first StoryPeople sculptures I did. Outside my studio in Berkeley, California, there was a redwood fence that was falling apart. The first sculptures I made were boards from that fence. This is one of those...

(As you can see, redwood takes paint differently than the reclaimed barnwood from Iowa. It soaks into the wood, so all of the colors feel softer, with a quality of being somewhat out-of-time.)

This is a story from something my great-Aunt Ann said to me in one of our frequent conversations before she died. Since she & my mother were close, it felt like something my mother would appreciate. It was the first sculpture in her collection.

When I was younger, my great aunt said, Remember. Old people need bananas. I remember. Someday I will tell my sons.

  • dimensions: 6 1/4" W (not incl. wire hair) x 23 3/4" H 
  • hand-stamped story, hand-drawn charcoal face by kai 
  • one of the very first sculptures kai made, pre-dating the old StoryPeople studios by a couple of years.
  • the only one of this piece that was ever done
  • signed & dated 1992 in graphite on the side 
  • UPS home delivery shipping included to any address within the United States (sorry, we cannot ship to PO Boxes)

          designed & signed by Kai (Brian Andreas) in 1992