the women collection

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This is an ongoing series Kai began in 2019, dedicated to & inspired by women from around the world...
"Coming from a fiber background, I've always been fascinated by how weaving & textiles sit at the center of human culture. They're the way we shared our stories & rituals & the rhythms of our lives together, the way we passed down knowledge through the generations. So, it's no surprise that every culture has the goddesses who hold the strands of our lives & our destinies, who connect us to all that came before & all that will come after. These are my way of seeing how these energies are embodied in this time, in women the world over... " ~ Kai
All of the stories you see here were originally drawn & painted by Kai on paper or reclaimed wood, using graphite, paint & in some cases, metal leaf. Our fine art prints are made from digital scans of these original pieces.
Each of the artblocks you choose begins as raw reclaimed wood we've collected in our travels. They're then cut, inked, drawn & painted in layers by hand, then finished with a lavender beeswax here in our studio. It's an intricate dance between the image & the paints & the surface of the reclaimed wood we use, making each piece a unique work. With the history of the wood itself & the care in the making, they have a quiet presence that fills the space you make for them in your own home... 
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