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Original colortype master 'No Explanation': Brian Andreas


Original colortype master 'No Explanation': Brian Andreas

This is the original colortype master of the story 'No Explanation'. Just for provenance (which is a fun art term that says We can show you its history, just in case you're wondering if it's the original), it's been published in Impossible to Know. It's currently unavailable as a print.

No Explanation. I decided today I’m going to stop explaining myself to people, mainly because I have no idea why I do half the stuff I do & the other half has such a simple explanation, like ‘it sounded fun’ that no one believes me anyway & they want to know the real reason, so I make up something that sounds like it could be true & I think to myself Well, maybe that actually is the reason & I just get confused, so from now on the only explanation I’m going to give is Yeah, can you believe it? & then I’ll smile & shrug as if that says it all & pretty soon, people will leave me alone. the end.

  • 10 x 10 gouache watercolor & ink
  • acid-free 100 lb multimedia bristol paper
  • Signed & dated 2015 in ink on bottom right