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the wind itself (ink) print

the wind itself (ink) print

I was at my drawing table today & Fia came over to see the new #WomenRising who'd come along. When she saw this one, she said I know the perfect story for her.  (It's from the book Impossible to Know).

From the emails we've had from you in the last couple of weeks, it's a voice that's gaining strength: time to step into your life. Not only for you, but for the ones to come...

so comfortable in her own skin that she moves like the wind itself & when she passes it's not unusual to think to yourself, It's time to stop being afraid of my life.

• 11x14 print of the original watercolor, ink & graphite & hand-lettered text
• museum quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper
• Includes low VOC foamcore backing board, protected in a poly sleeve
• titled, signed & dated