2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Hey there,

This is one of our favorite times of year… at least once a week, our shiny red stockpot has a homemade soup stewing and our freezer is filled with cookie dough that we can bake at a moment’s notice when friends unexpectedly drop by.

It’s a time for gratitude and writing notes to people we care about and giving thought-full gifts to celebrate a time of love. (Around here, we tend to think every season is a time for these sorts of things, but the winter holidays certainly give us that extra incentive to spring into action!)

If you’re looking for some gift giving ideas this season, here’s what we’d suggest…

1. Shop local.

Giving gifts made by local artisans and makers in your community helps support the small businesses that make your town & city unique.

(but what if you don’t have a gallery nearby?)

 If you don’t have a gallery nearby, & you’d like Brian & Cris’s art to be a part of your gift giving, you can always find us here at flyingedna.com

Every order we send out comes wrapped in butcher paper, dressed with Eco-twist ribbon, and we include a hand written personalized note… because everyone likes to get a hand written note!

We automatically address the note to the person at the ‘ship to’ address, unless you let us know otherwise in the ‘notes’ section on the checkout page.

And if you’d like Brian to sign or dedicate a book or a print, just let us know. If he’s in town, he’ll be happy to do this.

(All of our wrapping and packing materials are 100% recyclable… this is our gift back to the planet)

2. Little somethings to encourage a practice of keeping in touch :           

Choose one of our pre-made cardpacks or create one of your own.

Add stamps from your local post office to make it easy for the recipient to keep in touch across the miles – and there’s no need for extra wrapping paper because all our card orders (3 or more) come in a reusable 100% cotton eco-bag!

3. Extra gifts to have on hand, just in case…

Choose one of our 4 hardback books (Bring Your Life Back to Life; Impossible to Know; Something Like Magic; Theories of Everything)

All are on sale, priced perfectly for that unexpected need for a hostess/host gift, a special thank you to your postal carrier, or a neighbor who just might love a little something special this time of year

4. Reminders of love to friends & family across the miles…

If you would like information on bulk order pricing for our holiday cards , let us know how many you’d like, when you’d like them, and we’ll see what we can do.

In addition to our holiday cards, we have 2 holiday postcard packs for you this year: Cris’ ‘First Snow’ and Brian’s ‘Imagine’.

These little notes are a fun way to leave behind holiday cheer when you go out to restaurants, return a library book, or to have on hand when you need an extra card… Of course you can also add a postcard stamp and send these to faraway loved ones!

5. Prints as keepsakes and encouragements:

We tend to think of prints as keepsakes that evoke memories of loved ones or encourage us towards a life we love…

Check out our curated collection page if you’re looking for a way to navigate all the stories we have available.

And if you’re looking for something extra special, check out all of the original watercolors and drawings currently on sale!

(Just so you know, we recommend choosing a frame at a local store. We know it’s an extra step for you, but it will be less expensive and you’ll have more styles to choose from. Our prints will fit any standard 8x10 or 11x14 frame, and each of the originals has the dimensions listed in the description...)

And if you haven’t gotten the 2019 calendar, now is the time… wall calendars are filled with all new stories, and Brian’s new frameable Women Rising calendar is on sale for $30...

6. Most of all... breathe deeply and celebrate moments of calm... 

No matter how busy everything may seem, take time every day to check in with your deepest, quietest self. Perhaps write a bit or take a long walk or sit quietly with your cup of coffee or tea, just feeling the heat and tasting the brew. 

Choose wellness for yourself so you can meet others where they are, in order to create little-big moments of joy wherever you go... 

Enjoy the season,