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brian andreas studio sale

As you know, we've never done this before (& it truly was one of those late night conversations & probably not at all thought through. HA.) Check out the guidelines below, because this is our current plan. (This may change if we all find out it's totally unworkable. But we think it's a good place to start...)

1. It'll start at 11 AM Mountain Standard Time (since we live in Montana).

2. I'll put the pieces up on Instagram as I find them in my files. (Yeah, this is what happens with not planning this weeks & weeks in advance. I'm basically going to sit upstairs with all my files & go through them & when I find something I'll take a picture of it & give it a number & put it up.

3. First person to DM me they want it, gets it. Every piece has a number. So, all you have to do is tell me the number. Since there's a time stamp, it's pretty easy for us to tell. If it's yours, I'll DM you & you'll need to DM me your email & your physical shipping address. Fia will send you an e-invoice.

4. You've got 24 hours to finish it off. If you don't we'll offer it to the next person on the list.

5. Flat rate shipping. If it's under a pound, it'll be $7. If it's over a pound, it'll be $12. So, there's no hidden costs on your new originals.

6. We get that you can't be on Instagram the whole day. Even me, who loves it almost as much as coconut cream pie from Wild Crumb Bakery, can't do it. So, we've put together a mystery grab bag of originals you can pick up at any time the whole day. In general, the mystery originals are going to be AT LEAST 50% off & there are going to be several of them. We'll probably throw in other treats, too. Click here for the link to the mystery grab bags...

7. You'll notice there are two mystery grab bags of originals especially for teachers. These are only for teachers because we love teachers & we know the budget that comes with that. The only catch is that you'll have to send Fia your ID before we ship. Click here to the link for the mystery grab bags for teachers...

OK, that's it. Welcome to the whole wild extravaganza of this. Glad you can be there...

with love, brian & fia