cris hamilton

Cris is a writer, animator and artist from Santa Barbara, California. She is the creator of The Scary Fairy Factory, where you can find animations, books, shadowboxes and originals of all her imaginarily real women and tiny monsters. We encourage you to check out her site - there are so many wonderful pieces she continually creates... Our personal favorites are the shadowboxes... However, her tiny monsters are pretty fabulous too. They average the size of a dime, are collected worldwide. 

Cris was born in 1959, and studied at Northwestern University and the University of Iowa (although she believes a childhood spent freely roaming the great halls of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry had much, much more to do with her future).

After living and working abroad in Budapest, Hungary and England, she began illustrating magical moments that appeared daily in her very real world and the worlds of so many people she knew and loved. Her current themes, painted in watercolor, are imaginarily real women and fairytale monsters. 


I'm in the imagination business. Bringing charm and magic into the world sounds like the most fun job ever invented. But I don't think it's mine. If I have a job, it's to reveal the enchanted moments that are already here.    cris hamilton