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curated collections

If you're looking for something for specific, we invite you to browse through our curated collections... if you still don't see what you're looking for, email us and we'll help you find it.

women's collection

our favorite stories in celebration of women & all the ways we are in this wild world 

stories about rocks & nature & mermaids

Any story having to do with wind, or trees, fire, rocks, water, & our relationship to Nature in all its wildness can be found here - we put the mermaids all in here too, just so you know where to find them

stories that encourage & inspire 

if you're looking for something to help you navigate or get you in motion, check out these stories 

stories that comfort

these stories can be helpful when there is a loss or complicated healing process

stories for birthdays & celebration

just as it says, stories that make you smile & want to dance

stories for teachers & mentors

ways to express gratitude for the wisdom, care, love & mentorship to those that continually help show the way

stories of love & friendship 

when you're looking for the words for your own relationship or someone else's, these stories are loving reminders (for weddings, anniversaries, & simply days you wish to reach out to those you care most about)

stories for parents & children

for parents & children at every moment on the long journey

stories for foodies

these are our coffee, wine, sweet treats, popcorn, & yummy stories about food

stories about dogs & other furred & feathered sentient beings

we have an obvious dog preference here at Flying Edna, but also in this collection you can find all the stories that joy in our relationship with fellow sentient beings

stories about angels & dreams

Kai has a lot of beautiful dreams, with a direct line to the angels (though at times there is a bit more sass in their voices than one might expect).