custom care packages

Care packages carry along their own special sort of magic. Anyone who gets one feels remembered, seen, and loved. Everyone has their own special way of creating these meaningful gift boxes that is something like:

2 parts how-my-mom-did-it: 1 part pure instinct: 9 parts love

Though you undoubtedly have your own recipe, we thought we'd share ours... 

our recipe for a care package

1. you choose which storyblock you think will best fit the moment

2. you choose a card you'd like us to include & let us know anything special you'd like us to handwrite on your behalf.

3. We'll create & wrap the storyblock & include a little card that says a bit about the type of wood and where it's from, & put both in an organic cotton reusable bag. 

4. We'll put it all together in a way that looks like a small surprise...  because we know the gift really begins the moment they see that unexpected package in their mailbox...

click on the photo below to create your care package...