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elaine greenwood

When we saw Elaine's pottery at the local market here in Bozeman, we were struck by the grace and lightness - the same qualities that we experience in quiet conversations with her... a gentle soul with integrity and purpose. We immediately knew we wanted to include her work in our care packages...  
 "I’m often frustrated by the blurriness of my existence, the tangle of my changing perceptions as I carry on hoping and despairing.
I create out of a longing for clarity and purity, a new heavens and new earth, our humanness restored. 

I am inspired by glimpses of reclamation: light in all of its forms, soaring stained glass windows, winter rivers, lapis lazuli, choirs, and Mary’s head bowed over her divine infant."

Elaine was born, raised and currently resides with her husband Jesse (also an artist) in Bozeman, MT. Her love for art making is shared by a love of music. When she isn’t at the pottery wheel, she can be found teaching violin lessons and playing with the local orchestra. 

She sources her materials locally, from the Archie Bray Clay Center in Helena, Montana. Elaine is one of the artists with a studio space at Beall Street Studios - one of those amazing places you can find in communities that care deeply about the arts...