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holiday shipping deadlines

holiday tips & shipping reminders

If you're planning on ordering gifts online during the holidays, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, they'll deliver 800 million packages.
  • the US Postal service will deliver around 28 million packages per day between December 16 and 21
  • if you're sending a package through USPS, and it weighs 16 oz or over, it has to go priority mail
  • priority mail does offer a bit more insurance and a quicker delivery time, but the delivery date is not guaranteed
  • double check the shipping addresses... shipping software will accept any address as a valid address if the address exists (even if it's inaccurate) - and then the package is not recoverable (unless the person who received it returns it to the sender)
  • you may receive a 'delivered' notification via email or text, before the package actually arrives... (this happened to us the other day with FedEx - the package showed up a few hours later) - breathe, wait 24 hours, and if it still hasn't shown up, take the tracking number to your local postal center and they should be able to tell you exactly where it is
  • if you have any concerns or questions, ask the company you're ordering from or your local carrier

 USPS shipping deadlines for sending packages domestically:

  • Dec 14 — USPS retail ground
  • 20 — First-Class Mail (including greeting cards)
  • 20 — First-Class packages (up to 15.99 ounces)
  • 21 — Priority Mail
  • 23 — Priority Mail Express

Here's what we have discovered... for no explained reason by USPS, there are times when packages take longer than expected (even with priority mail) - mistakes happen, people sub in, weather happens, and trucks break down... plan ahead.

In general, we recommend getting your shopping done early this year, and if you can arrange it, having everything shipped before December 14th, if you want to have packages arrive in time to open on Christmas morning. 

For our part, we'll be offering all our holiday sales in November - and we'll do our very best to get orders out within 24-48 hours (if we're backed up and need extra time, we'll let you know!)