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imaginary holidays

Kai began adding imaginary holidays to his calendars in 2014, & every year after he's enjoyed figuring out which ones to keep & which new ones to add for the coming year. 

This year we invite you to choose which you wish to include - what makes the most sense for you, loved ones, & your community. 

Below are some of the favorites from past calendars, in case you'd like to add them to your 2021 calendar... of course it's entirely possible you'll decide to create your own imaginary holidays to share with those you love!


with love, 

kai & fia


  • make a giant wish day
  • official candle day
  • stories about light day
  • turn your phone on silent day
  • call an old friend out of the blue day
  • be amazed day
  • dance in the moonlight day
  • juggle only one thing day
  • bury a secret treasure day
  • trade favorite recipes day
  • wave your hands when you talk day


  • official wear blue day
  • send a handmade card day
  • random kindness day (every day really...)
  • invite a friend to lunch day
  • bring an invisible friend to work day
  • universal day of wonder
  • leave secret notes day




  • burst into spontaneous song day
  • impromptu kazoo parade day
  • secret notes day
  • sing outside the shower day
  • champagne & pizza day
  • invent a new country day
  • int'l day of happiness
  • giant Sunday hat day
  • impromptu second birthday
  • cross a line day
  • dance in the elevator day


    • purposely foolish day
    • inadvertently foolish day
    • int'l borrow something day
    • flowers for no reason at all day
    • do something that'll make a good story someday day
    • sparkle circus day
    • chase dandelions day
    • sun day (enjoy the sun)
    • dance in the rain day
    • mismatched sock day
    • give something away day


    • say yes day
    • say yes to something different day
    • decorate with flowers day
    • int'l day of mermaids
    • one thing you've always wanted to do day
    • argue the opposite side day
    • climb a tree day
    • find a magical rock day
    • pick a secret name day
    • sing along to mellow rock day


    • things that truly matter to you day
    • text a compliment day
    • thankful for oceans day
    • int'l polka dot day
    • dance break at stoplights day
    • give out gum day
    • have a tea party with children day
    • kiss for a full minute day
    • global potluck day
    • discover a new city


    • donate stuff you don't need day
    • absolutely wrong day
    • speak with an accent day
    • perfect amount of everything day
    • pretend you're at the beach day
    • thankful for blue skies day
    • appreciate things out loud day
    • say 'hello' to living things day
    • improvise a song when you're on hold day
    • call an old friend day


    • ask 'why?' day
    • glad to be alive day
    • appreciate dirt day
    • bring your spirit animal to work day
    • eat chocolate for breakfast day
    • imaginary food groups day
    • fish for compliments day
    • gallop like a horse day
    • stacks o' pancakes day
    • talk really fast day
    • talk really slow day


    • gluten remembrance day
    • notice people being kind day
    • read a new book day
    • act like a spy day
    • walk backwards day
    • walk to work day
    • int'l day of sparkly things
    • eat peanut butter from the jar day
    • notice small things day
    • waffle day




    • eat your veggies day
    • eve of deliciousness
    • make bad art day
    • make up reasons day
    • star discovery night
    • wear someone else's favorite color day
    • howl at the moon day
    • indulge day
    • conversation with a tree day
    • solo flash mob day
    • draw on the back of envelopes day


    • try a new spice day
    • draw on a napkins day
    • paint your toes day
    • pay with pennies day
    • international jaywalk day
    • wear a favorite scarf day
    • start a secret club day
    • international day of listening




    • notice people being beautiful day
    • pretend you're on a beach again day
    • invent a dance move day
    • wish on a star day
    • favorite moments of the year day
    • leave a note for your postal person day
    • hear music in everything day