COVID-19 update: Since our studio is directly out of our home & run by the two of us, we are able to safely create & fulfill your orders.

new changes for a new year

every choice matters... 

Here are a few of the changes we’re making for the new year (along with a few things you can continue to expect from us):

  • We’re gradually replacing the plastic bags that protect our cards & prints with plant based clear bags that are compostable. This means once your gift arrives all pristine and protected, you can throw that plastic bag away and trust it won’t end up in an ocean or somewhere else it doesn’t belong.
  • We’ve switched to a water-based paper tape to seal our packages. It’s stronger, and you can recycle the packaging all in the same bin.
  • We still wrap each gift with our signature sticker and hemp twine. We do this for two reasons: to protect your gift in its journey from us to you, and because there’s something lovely about pausing your day to unwrap a gift. Even if it’s to yourself.
  • Because there is a detailed digital trail of your order, we do not include a paper invoice in your package. If you require this for any reason, please let us know. Our gallery partners are the exception to this, and will receive a packing slip in the box.
  • We still include a note in every order. Just because… we have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love getting a handwritten note from someone who appreciates them!
  • We’ve swapped out the VOC free foamcore for a pH neutral board made of 100% recycled material. We’re fairly certain you throw these away, so we wanted to come up with a new solution to back the prints. 

          This is what we’re up to currently. As we make more changes, we’ll let you know. And as always, if you have any opinions or suggestions you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them!