our approach

Our unique process focuses on the how of doing. We create spaces where you can:

    • explore the freedom of choice
    • practice new ways to partner
    • experience coordination - the interconnected relationship between mind, body, & intent 
    • reframe your narrative so it leads towards rather than against
    • cultivate a willingness to ask what is required in order to be your whole self & full size in this ever-changing world we share


    Efficient, authentic, & in coordination with the way you are built to function & locomote. 

    When you are physically aligned with your intent, there is natural energy in your body, clarity & flow in all areas of your life.


    An invitation. Uninhibited willingness to step into a 3rd space that transcends individual voices & binary relationships.

    There is a symbiotic relationship that occurs when living beings share defined spaces. It's a collective coexistence in which we directly & indirectly affect one another simply by being in the same place, together.


    Aimed energy into the world from a place of wellness and abundance. Listen and create towards rather than against. 

    Ripple effects to any action extend beyond you to create spaces that ultimately become culture and contribute to the world we share.

    email fia@flyingedna.com if you are interested in learning more about speaking engagements or our workshops:

    (re)imagining story

    writing in the body

    your authentic voice