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our process...

Our unique sculptures begin with high quality reclaimed hardwood we've chosen for the beauty, location, and story (which we share with you in the description of each piece). Whether it's cherry from an 1800s homestead in Ohio or oak from the floorboards of the boardwalk at the St. Lawrence river, the amazing folks at Montana Reclaimed Lumber are able to tell us details about each piece. 

Attentive to the natural inclination of the wood, Fia works to expose the natural grain. Keeping the raw edges, she then shapes it for Brian to cut. The sculptures are constructed to stand on their own, so you can put these talismans wherever you wish. (Though they're not treated with the necessary chemicals to weather outside temperatures...)

The pieces are then ready for Brian's special magic... The back of the piece is left raw so you can see the story of the natural wood. And depending on what we discover in this process, the sides and portions of the front of the piece may remain raw as well. Before Brian signs and dates each piece, we treat the exposed wood with a natural beeswax paste made right here in Bozeman. Prices are determined by the species of wood, the size of the piece, and the studio time it takes from beginning to end.  


One more thing... though we name each sculpture according to its spirit and character, we want you to be able to choose the story that goes with her. Each sculpture includes a storyplate of your choice. And since our stories change over time... the story is not attached to the sculpture - you can change it if you wish! 

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