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story substitutions

We know Brian's old stories have a special place in your hearts... We know it's not the same thing, but we've gone ahead and created a substitution story list for some of your favorites, in case you're interested. You can find all of these new stories in orange right here on this site!

(If you don't see one of your favorites listed here, just email us and we'll be happy to offer suggestions!)
 If you like this classic story... Then take a look at this new story...
almost new age #22
angels of mercy best self
awakening legacy, real home
before dawn
first time, gather the day (ink), invitation of the day
big strange family right choice
birthdays life choice, this age
bittersweet maker, maker (ink), what it is (ink)
connection so clear, a dream about love
deep roots room enough (ink), growing things, time to grow
enough time right reason
falling into place a different place (ink), interpretive dance, sense of direction
flying woman big things (ink)
heading south good attitude, snow days
her/his laughter beautiful things
illusion of control clear directions
imaging world attachments (new print)
invitation song of love
kindred spirits perfect fit
late night
loud smile, more important things, this moment together
laughter & noise the exact day, eyes meet
legacy legacy
living memory heart lessons, little matters
more than a princess obvious choice
no regret do over, something wonderful
no words wonder, garden tips, two different things
one child lifetime
one of us real home, legacy (remix)
one us this moment together, being together, whole heart
quiet pride remember, amazing, the exact way
real hero beautiful things, start time
real reason song of love
side by side high fall, the reason why
such small things the exact way
unheard music perfect spot
waiting for signs inspirationtime's up
words of comfort next move, inspiration, gather the day (ink)