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through the body...


  • It is inclusive. It is for anyone with any body doing any thing.
  • It exercises the ability to separate out fictional beliefs that impair the quality of what you do.
  • Your potential is in direct balance to your desire. This means empowerment and sustainable change
  • It is a continual invitation to flexibility, adaptability, and creativity.

There is no separation between the mind and the body. You are whole at every moment of every day…

    What you think directly affects the way you move. And the way you talk to yourself matters because it may or may not be in alignment with the way you are designed.

    When all of you is in coordination there is flow, ease, grace, and efficiency.  Profound changes can occur when options in the ways we move and think become newly apparent. 

    This work draws on the roots of the Alexander Technique, which relies on your curiosity and desire to do something in a new way.

    "Constructive conscious kindness to yourself; Cooperating with your design; Serving your desires and dreams" ~ how Cathy Madden defines AT

    As I continue my own training and use this work daily, I’m curious about how this work affects the countless every day pedestrian movements that make up the bulk of our lives. 

    If you’d like more information on the Alexander Technique, click here.