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the women

Our unique sculptures begin with high quality reclaimed hardwood we've sourced and chosen for the beauty, location, and story (which we share with you in the description of each piece). Fia sands the wood to expose the grain on all sides, keeping the raw edges, she then shapes it for Brian to cut. Multiple layers of gesso are added and then sanded smooth, before Brian adds the image, which is layers of graphite, acrylic & metal leaf. The back of the piece is left raw so you can see the story of the natural wood

Each piece is unique, an original, hand signed & dated by Brian.

Prices are (more or less) determined by species of wood, the size, and time in the studio.

If you are interested in the master original for any of The Women, email us for more information. 

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This is our solution for a framing alternative we can stand behind... these basswood archival panels are made from US grown renewable and FSC certified wood.

Each piece is hand signed & dated on the side by Brian

Prices are depend on panel size & finish

If your favorite story is not currently available, feel free to email us - we have set aside blanks so we can offer your story of choice. 

take a look at what we have available