COVID-19 update: Since our studio is directly out of our home & run by the two of us, we are able to fully comply with Montana's recent shelter-in-place mandate, & safely create & fulfill your orders.

towards a life you love

Here at Flying Edna we create stories so they'll be there when you're ready. For a sweeping change. Or for stepping into who you always new you would be in the heart of you. Or for that moment when you're simply ready to open up & see the world in all its beauty. 

We make art & other things to remind you of the stories that are important to you. Prints & sculptures & books from the beloved artist & writer Brian Andreas. Practices & coaching from the equally beloved artist & teacher Fia Skye. 

It's about going towards a life you love (Just so you know, we practice this ourselves. Every. Single. Day.)

A life we love is the reason we take the time to wrap each order & hand write a personal note when you order a gift from us for you, or someone you love. It's why the paper we use for our prints is 100% recyclable & biodegradable, why our gift sacks are eco-friendly and food safe, our cards are produced from wind farm energy & the foam core that backs our prints is VOC-free. All our packaging materials are recyclable as well. 

Our coaching & workshops are that same life we love in action. They're a unique integration of principles based on over 20 years of exploration in the studio & on stage. Originally designed for professional performance, this work has been adapted for wellness & grace in daily living. It's work that reminds you that you choose your story & live it in your whole body...

with love, fia & brian

our story