complimentary gift note & eco-friendly wrapping on every order

what it means to be a planet conscious studio...

We all know that our personal & collective choices impact the environment & that healthy, natural spaces give back to everyone in ways we cannot fully quantify.

with awareness comes responsibility.

And so here at Flying Edna, our little two-person studio, we're curious about The How of Doing... 

As artists, this means considering the materials & processes we use to create.

As a small business, it means learning the details about every company we work with, figuring out ways to responsibly package & send out our work, & balancing our aesthetic with our responsibilities to one another & to this planet we share. 

It’s not always easy.

“…just about everything we use is the result of another’s life… follow back the thread of life in everything and pay it respect…” Robin Wall-Kimmerer

We continually research sources of materials & vendors that align with our values, but there are not as many companies as you’d think that are dedicated to living wages & safe working conditions, let alone considerate of production & operational decisions that do not aversely affect the soil, waterways, or waste management of the communities they inhabit…

&… we are a culture that often looks first at the price tag. Out of prudence & survival. We do not always take the time to understand how our purchase decision may directly impact someone else across the street or halfway around the world. We can’t always consider this, because unfortunately, these products from companies that are mindful are usually more expensive. And not everyone can afford this.

There are a lot of moving parts. It’s one of the ways we are all so deeply connected.

We all have passions & curiosities. One of ours is stories & how they influence the way we use our bodies & move us about the world. Another is wellness that extends beyond ourselves to others... including the planet.

We are far from perfect & not yet where we wish to be, but every day we walk mindfully in this direction. Click here to read more...