where we begin...

"The only way to change is to say yes to something else..." ~ Cathy Madden

Workshops and coaching offer space and time to practice something you care about with guidance from someone you trust. But it's not just what we do in this time together, it's how we do it that matters.

the how of doing

This is at the heart of our process: exploring ways to do what you want to do... differently, in coordination with the way you are designed as a human being.

There is a tendency to think of our selves and our lives in fragments: head, body, heart, spirit, emotions, work, home, weekday, weekend... as if we could isolate all the pieces and parts. But this is not how humans are designed to function. 

You can never be out of your body, you are never in your head, you never lose your voice... These meaningful metaphors, when taken literally, often result in disempowerment and passivity. 

Every part of you is interconnected and interdependent. When one part of your life is out, all of you is affected. This is why the way you talk to yourself matters. And in turn, why the way we talk to one another matters.

The most important element to any change you wish to make is your volition.  Workshops and coaching is really about dedicated time to nourish your self. It's an opportunity for you to play and expand your awareness, so you can make choices toward a life you love. 

We are currently (re)visioning how we offer workshops... in the meanwhile, Fia is available for coaching, locally and by invitation. To read more about her background, click here.