women's month 2022

women who changed the landscape of the world, simply by being the all of who they are

This year I wanted to do something for Women's Month...

I was going to engage in this practice just for myself, but decided it would be more fun to open it up & share it on the daily digital calendar we send out. 

Every day throughout the month of March, I'll choose the story for the day (it'll be from our catalogue & look like it usually does) - but instead of writing something alongside it, I'll choose a quote from a woman who matters to me... not just words I've highlighted in a book or a voice I've passively appreciated, but words with such intelligence, perspective, spirit, & clarity that they offer a signpost I recognize, a truth I remember, a call to action I cannot ignore... 

There are only 31 days in March. It's ridiculous to promise to myself or to you that I'll choose the "best" female voices that ever existed on the planet - or even my most favorite female voices of all time... these voices are not in competition with one another. And it's only 31 days... there are more than 31 women who have affected, influenced, inspired me... So, what I can commit to is choosing the voices most active for me now - ones that jump out and wave their arms at me today.

I invite you to join me in using these as catalysts. Writing prompts. Meditations. If you don't like the women/words I've chosen for the day, then perhaps you will lean into creating your own list of 31 women to honor, give gratitude for, delight in... 

always in motion,


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