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the how of doing

where we begin...

"The only way to change is to say yes to something else..." ~ Cathy Madden

Workshops and coaching offer you space and time to practice something you care about, with guidance from someone you trust. It's not just what we do in our time together, it's how we do it that matters.

the how of doing

This is at the heart of our process: exploring ways to do what you want to do... differently, in coordination with the way you are designed.

"When a lie is told, the body is cast into a state of profound disturbance."  ~ Susan Griffin

There is a tendency to think of ourselves and our lives in fragments: head, body, heart, spirit, emotions, work, home, weekday, weekend... as if we could isolate all the pieces and parts. But this is not how we humans are designed to function. 

You can never be out of your body, you are never in your head, you never lose your voice... These meaningful metaphors, when taken literally, result in ineptitude and disempowerment. Your body attempts to carry out what your mind believes, taking it as truth.

Every part of you is interconnected and interdependent. This is why the way you talk to yourself matters. And, why the way we talk with you matters.

What we do is not therapy. It's dedicated observation without judgement, so you embrace your agency to choose towards whatever it is that you desire. The most important element to any change you wish to make is your volition.  We provide the opportunity for you to play and expand your awareness in ways that help you remember what you already know, so you can make choices towards a life you love.

Here is some of what we offer:

(re)imagining story

"Story is change. It moves"  ~ Ursula Le Guin 

Through the lens of story, we introduce a variety of practices that challenge you to reframe and refine your aim or intent. We touch on the elements of storytelling and dig into bias, point of view, and conditioning circumstances. The principles we introduce create a structure from which you can choose how to (re)write your story.

"We live in a lattice of myths... stories which manifest the meaning of our lives and at the same time define for us the circumference of the imaginal world." ~ Susan Griffin

Together, we explore:

  • the way your body shapes to write and speak, and how the quality of each is directly connected to tightening and the way you talk to yourself
  • ways to create a sustainable practice that lead you toward your individual goals 
  • the role of storytelling in daily living, how it can invite and exclude
  • effective ways to connect with your audience

Recommended for: professional storytellers and anyone interested in reframing old stories, wholebody listening, and how to invite someone to a new idea

your authentic voice

“Not going to the heart of all I feel, I have erased my real presence, sexuality, intelligence from language and expression" ~ Susan Griffin

Though it is something most given little thought to, speaking is an athletic event. It requires your whole self. Whether you speak to one or to one thousand, it's the same set of tissue, bone and muscle. What changes is the intent and the invitation. This is designed for those whose careers require public speaking as well as those who seek ways to effectively communicate in daily living. 

"It's dangerous to confuse self expression with communication" ~ Ursula Le Guin

Together, we explore:

  • anatomy of sound making, including all the conditioning factors that influence your voice when you speak
  • vocal health and ways your body gives you signals
  • methods to address anxiety when speaking
  • vocal health
  • how your stories affect your voice and ability to communicate. 

Recommended for: teachers, ministers, public storytellers, professional speakers, and anyone who wonders how the voice connects to daily living and relationships