crow stories 1 pack

6 pack: one each of six different flat cards + 6 envelopes 

stories included:

the moment: what a strange & marvelous world this is, when you stop needing to wrap yourself only in the things you already know...
invisible ceilings: she built her home with invisible ceilings so there's always room for her to fly
easier to fly: it's easier to fly when you're not carrying a lot of stuff
wild child: she loved herself quite well & it made her completely frustrating for all the people who wanted her to just sit quietly & behave
wild space: she cleared out all of her old ideas of things, until she could hear her own joy with almost no effort at all.
unleashed: forgetting all the rules others had taught her she spread her wings & remembered she could fly...

        how we make these...

        The wood for our card holders is sourced from local small businesses dedicated to repurposing razed buildings, trees that are diseased, or taken down due to storms.

        This means each piece carries along its own history. We purposely do not fill in the bug holes or hide the knots & scarring. We do address the checks (the splits & cracks) that have appeared over time due to weather changes & stresses in the wood.

        These holders are purposely & perfectly imperfect.

        Cut by a Canadian-American artist & craftsman who lives nearby, Steve Pearson (also the former head of two nationally recognized MFA actor training programs), Fia then shapes & waxes the holders, & it's Kai's art that is on the cards.

        Every card holder comes with a tag describing the origins of the pieces inside, attached by a raw silk ribbon to an organic cotton bag.