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Cuba: This Moment Exactly So Book
Cuba: This Moment Exactly So Book


Cuba: This Moment Exactly So Book

Over a year after Brian's trip to Cuba with photographer extraordinaire Lorne Resnick, here it is. An absolutely incredible book. photos, interviews, thirty two vellum stories interspersed throughout the book. We have to tell you flat out: it’s a book unlike any other photography book that’s ever been done. It’s more like an experience of life in the place called Cuba than it is a book. 

It's a book that’s more about how it feels to be alive than it is about the words. maybe that’s why Brian agreed to write stories for the book. He wrote over forty stories (though only 32 made it into the final version)  that Lorne paired with some of the exact images the stories came from. Except for one or two that Brian put up on Instagram right after he got back, these are stories that you won’t see any other way than in Cuba: This Moment Exactly So.  

This first edition of this book has won several awards including: a gold medal in the photography category from the Independent Publishers Book Awards, Silver medal from the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Art/Photography,  1st place for Books in the International Photography awards and was a Foreword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award winner.


336 page coffee table book. Weighs 7 1/2 pounds: 250 photographs by celebrated photographer Lorne Resnick, 32 stories by Brian Andreas, foreword by author & essayist Pico Iyer. 

Each book is signed by both Lorne & Brian.