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leaf woman
leaf woman
leaf woman

leaf woman

Two days ago, Fia came in from the workshop in our garage with a piece of fir she'd found propped up against the wall. She'd sanded it, following the curves of the edges until she had a stunning piece of wood. She came in & said Look at this. Can you imagine what this'll be like when it's oiled & hand rubbed with wax, so you can really see the grain? I didn't say a word. She looked at me for a minute & squinted her eyes. You're going to paint it , aren't you? she said. 

I did. The whole thing. Except for the back, where you can see the beautiful grain of the wood. I used the original Leaf Woman as a general guide, but once I got started, I changed colors & lines & followed where the new Leaf Woman wanted to go... 

Here she is. See what you think...

with love, brian


  • acrylics on reclaimed fir from northeast Iowa 
  • dimensions of piece: 30"w x 7.5"w x 3/4" d
  • hand-sanded lovingly by Fia
  • created June 2, 2019 in our Bozeman Studio
  • signed & dated by the artist
  • shipping included (within the US)

This piece was created by Brian Andreas. Read More


This piece was created by Brian Andreas. Read More