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Original book art 'Centaur Bar': Brian Andreas


Original book art 'Centaur Bar': Brian Andreas

This is original artwork from the September 2006 edition of Some Kind of Ride. You'll find this particular work split up across pages 8 & 9. It's the first original art from this book that I've offered for sale...

Just a fun thing to know, the majority of the artwork in Some Kind of Ride was made to cover both pages. Unlike many of the earlier books, this gives an underlying narrative to each of the pages since there's already a story that goes with the artwork. This one is called Centaur Bar & it comes from a group of sketches around the mythology theme. There's also a large scale canvas with this title in a European collection. 

  • 8.5 x 10 gouache watercolor & ink
  • acid-free 270gsm Legion Photo Silk white paper
  • Signed & dated 2006 in pencil on top right side