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Original colortype 'Chance of a Lifetime': Brian Andreas


Original colortype 'Chance of a Lifetime': Brian Andreas

I often go through several versions of a story, each time distilling it until I get to the final version. What you may not know is that quite a few times I'll do a production master of one of the earlier versions.

That's what this is, the first version of the current production print Chance of a Lifetime. It's done as a colortype in ink & gouache watercolor. Notice how the later version strips the story down to its essentials...


  • 10 x 10 pen & ink & goauche watercolor
  • archival bristol paper
  • Signed, titled & dated 2017 in pencil on bottom
  • Inscribed '17 December 2017 Cape E' on the back. (Note: Cape E is Cape Elizabeth, just outside of Portland, Maine where we were living at the time.)